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Gold Coast Surf SchoolWalkin' On Water Surf School is the Gold Coast’s Premier Surf School. We are located at Greenmount Beach in Coolangatta and use the beautiful beaches of Rainbow Bay, Greenmount and Coolangatta, which are ideal beaches for all levels of surf lesson.

We offer group and private lessons for all ages and abilities having taught people from 4 years old to those in their 80’s.


Gold Coast Surf SchoolWe are blessed with an amazing location for beginners and early intermediates especially having protected rolling waves, perfect for getting the basics and learning in gentle forgiving waves. It is renowned as the ideal learn to surf location on the Coast. For those with greater experience and skills also have fantastic wave opportunities to work on all levels of skills.


Gold Coast Surf SchoolCombined with our comprehensive lesson plans, all our Surf Instructors are professional fully qualified Surfing Australia surf instructors that are handpicked for their skills, knowledge and experience and importantly are able to successfully pass on this knowledge and information to our surf participants in a extremely fun, friendly and non threatening environment. All our Instructors also hold a number of lifesaving/lifeguard and first aid qualifications to ensure as safe an environment as possible.


Walkin' On Water Surf School is the areas ONLY fully licensed and registered Surf School by the state, national and international Governing Bodies of Surfing – Surfing Queensland, Surfing Australia and the International Surfing Association. For more information on our Surf School Affiliations, please click here

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Click here to go to our Vegemite SurfGroms page to check out all our available programs and for all registrations and bookings for our Walkin' On Water Surf School Vegemite SurfGrom bookings. You can also see what is in the Quiksilver SurfGroms packs that all our Groms will receive once registered and booked!!


Gold Coast Surf School    Gold Coast Surf School


Click here to go to our Vegemite SurfGroms page to check out all our available programs and for all registrations and bookings for our Walkin' On Water Surf School Vegemite SurfGrom bookings.

Walkin On Water Surf School - The Premier Gold Coast Surf School


Are you looking for the best Gold Coast Surf School? If you're going to learn to surf, why not have your learn to surf lessons with Walkin'on'Water, the leading Gold Coast Surf School and the centre of fun and enjoyment while learning a new skill in an easy going, non threatening and laid back way. We are at one of the most beautiful and picturesque areas along the East Coast of Australia, located at Greenmount Beach, Coolangatta - the centre of beauty and prime location on the southern end of the Gold Coast.

Not only do we have the expertise, knowledge and equipment to get you up surfing and riding but we have the beautiful surrounds of the Greenmount, Coolangtta and Rainbow Bay Gold Coast Beaches where you could easily be learning to surf with the whales and dolphins to complete your surfing dream. We quite often have these whales and many dolphins in the area during a lesson which creates much excitement for participants.

Walkin'on'Water is the leading Gold Coast Surf School! The centre of our learn to surf programs are the step by step demonstrations, explanations and lesson plans to have you up and surfing as soon as possible.

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 The Premier Gold Coast Surf School - Participant Declaration Form

The Premier Gold Coast Surf School - Participant Declaration FormTo save time on the day, please fill out one of our declaration forms.

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 Check out our Gold Coast Surf School FaceBook page

Check out our Gold Coast Surf School FaceBook page

Check out our FaceBook page and join us by becoming a Fan. We will be adding photos from our surf lessons and information on our events and surf school news regularly.

Click here to look at our FaceBook page and become a Fan of Walkin' On Water Surf School. Feel free to upload as many surf photos from the lesson with us that you or your friends or family may have taken, we would be stoked to see them on our site!!

 We are the ONLY Fully Licensed Gold Coast Surf School in the Area

We are a Fully Licensed
-  Surfing Australia Surf School
-  Surfing Queensland Surf School

We have also been accepted onto the International Surfing Association Surf School Registry - the International World Governing Body of Surfing.

Walkin on Water is a licensed Surfing Queensland and Surfing Australia Surf School. We been accepted onto and become a registered member of the International Surf Association's Surf School Register. The ISA is the world governing body for surfing and this body has recognised and acknowledged our superior quality and surf school excellence that we provide and offer our participants.

Of all the surf schools on the Gold Coast, we are the southern most surf school affiliated with the State and National Surfing body on the Gold Coast, using the sensational beaches of Greenmount, Coolangatta and Rainbow Bay. There are 18 surf schools with these affiliations in Queensland with only 7 of these found on the Gold Coast. Our Gold Coast surf school is the best place to come and learn to surf. We have fantastic conditions all year round with our water only going down to just below 20 degrees celcius so it is magic all through the year. Of all the Gold Coast surf schools, Walkin' On Water is the premier Gold Coast surf school.

 Gold Coast Surf School Location

Gold Coast Surf School

It is very simple to find the best Gold Coast Surf School. For all learn to surf and surf lessons we meet at our big red truck which is parked at the southern end of the Greenmount car park. We run our surf lessons on the beaches of Rainbow Bay, Greenmount and Coolangatta, depending on conditions and where is best at that time on that day. For more specific location details, please go to the Location Page. We are also the ONLY fully licensed surf school in the area servicing Rainbow Bay, Greenmount, Coolangatta, Kirra, Bilinga and Tugun with the next closest fully licensed Surf School not until Currumbin.

Gold Coast Surf School - Small Lesson Numbers

In our Gold Coast Surf School, we have small learn to surf lessons with a maximum of 8 surfers to each coach in the surf. This ensures that everyone gets a lot of time with the coaches and heaps of feedback from the instructors as well as keeping it as safe as we can out in the surf. Not only are our learn to surf and surf lessons heaps of fun but they will also teach you a lot about the surf, waves, equipment and the ocean and seas.

All of our professional Surf Instructors are fully qualified Surfing Australia or International Surfing Association Surf Instructors plus all are qualified Surf Life Savers/Life Guards and most are also active Beach Lifesavers/Lifeguards. You can get more information on our coaches and their qualifications on 'Our Surf Crew' page.

We run learn to surf lessons every day of the year at our Gold Coast surf school. You can book in for learn to surf group lessons, one on one private surf lessons or private group surf lessons by phone at our WoW office, on our Walkinonwater Surf Line mobile or by using the Walkin On Water booking email below. Our Gold Coast surf coaching instructs and coaches people who have never been in the surf before, people who have the basics and want to progress, intermeidates on the plateau wanting to get over the next stump and all the way up to throwing the big turns and really carving up the surf for those already with a good grip on it but wanting to improve further. Our surf coaching is not only informative and beneficial to you technically but also a lot of fun.

We can also organise Corporate Days, Parties and other private and business functions to suit your plans and ideas. A new program that we are offering are the Surf Sports Program which is a fantastic program run in conjunction with the Tweed Heads and Coolangatta Surf Life Saving Club and combines surf instruction and surf coaching with Surf Life Saving Award Training.


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