Intermediate Surf Coaching 

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  • Small groups with a maximum of 5 surfers per instructor
  • Experienced coaching with our professional instructor

Our Intermediate Surf Coaching Sessions are part of our Gold Coast Surf Coaching Program and are perfect for those that have mastered the basics and are wanting to progress through this tricky stage.

This Intermediate Level is for those surfers that are surfing out the back and paddling onto and competently taking off on small to medium size waves (chest to about head high). In our Gold Coast Surf Coaching program, our experienced instructors will work with you to begin to utilise the whole of the wave, to surf top to bottom in the more critical area of the wave, to work on your bottom turn and start to develop competent top turns.

Understanding positioning in the ocean and what waves to be paddling for is an important skill that needs to be developed and so your coach will be working with you to ensure you understand more complex surf awareness and ocean skills.

There are a number of common mistakes that an intermediate surfer can fall into making. Our Gold Coast Surf Coaching will work with you to eradicate these mistakes.

Common mistakes for the Intermediate Surfer can include

-          Surfing through the middle of the wave

-          Performing a soft bottom turn

-          Letting the wave provide all the power and not generating additional power on the wave

-          Getting lost in the ocean and sitting in the wrong position to catch the better waves

-          Not understanding how the ocean and surf works

-          Surfing and using unsuitable equipment

-          Minimal extension and compression through the execution of manoeuvres

-          Minimal rotation through the execution of manoeuvres

When you surf in our Gold Coast Surf Coaching Program, our coaches will work with you on what you are doing well and what you are maybe not doing so well to improve your confidence and performance. We will be working with you to overcome any of the above or other deficiencies or errors you may have in your surfing and boost your surfing to the next level.

Please note that we do need minimum numbers booked in for this before we can confirm these sessions. For the Intermediate Surf Coaching Sessions we generally need a minimum of 3 booked in.


Walkin On Water Surf School Truck - 136-138 Marine Parade, Coolangatta, QLD, Australia

You don’t really need to bring much to your surf lesson, but try to remember the following items:

  • Swimwear
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Drinking water
  • Your booking voucher (printed or on your phone)
  • A HUGE smile!!....

We will meet you for your surf lesson at our surf school vehicles which are located in the car park adjacent to the Greenmount Surf Club.  Look out for our bright surf school truck

At our surf school, we run surf lessons in all weather and surf conditions, rain hail or shine, providing it is safe to do so. If the surf is too big, or completely flat, or if the conditions are unsafe due to high winds or lightning, then we will reschedule your lesson. If we change the time and you are unable to come to the new lesson, then we will provide a credit toward another lesson at a later date. If that is unsatisfactory we may issue a refund at our discretion.
If you would like to reschedule a lesson you have booked, we need at least 24 HOURS NOTICE. Failure to give the necessary notice will mean you forfeit the cost of that lesson. Under these circumstances there are no refunds, partial or otherwise.
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Walkin On Water Surf School Truck
136-138 Marine Parade, Coolangatta, QLD, Australia