Our Latest Program - Adult Specific Surfing Programs

We are launching our new Adult Specific Surfing Programs to help adults new to the sport learn, improve and develop

Become a Surfer in our new Adult Specific Surfing Programs

We have designed a new adult specific surfing program aimed at introducing and developing adults into surfers in an enjoyable, progressive and efficient five week program.

Our Adult Surfing Programs

Single learn to surf lessons are a fantastic way to get the basics, try the sport and have some fun but for someone who wants to really become a surfer, you need more. Even in our extremely comprehensive Learn to Surf Beginner Lessons, it is simply not enough to get you on your way quickly to progress and develop into a surfer and be out the back catching green waves with the rest of the surfing crew.

So we developed our Adult Surfing Programs!

These adult specific surfing programs aim to teach our surfers the correct techniques in a progressive development as well as educate them in important surf safety, surf awareness and surf specific knowledge to ensure they can get better and improve as quickly and efficiently as possible.

It is of course extremely important that everyone learns and understands correct technique. We are extremely focused on teaching perfect technique and really pushing hard with continual, specific feedback to all our surfers on what they can do or how they can tweak their movements to improve their performances. We are highly technical and specific with this feedback and push our surfers to do it correctly from the beginning and not start with poor technique, that lead to bad habits becoming automatic. Once a bad habit becomes automatic, it is extremely hard to change and correct. So we work really hard to ensure this does not happen with any of our surfers.

An often overlooked component of learning to surf and improving surfing performance is understanding surfing and the surfing environment. Have an understanding of waves, the ocean, the location, equipment and other important surfing information and safety aspects is vital for all surfers. It will help a surfer to know what is suitable for them in terms of conditions and equipment, what dangers there may be and how to minimise or avoid them, what to be looking for when checking the surf and doing a pre-surf venue analysis, where to be sitting in the ocean to be best positioned for maximising the waves in terms of quality, length of ride and volume and a host of other useful and needed information. It will therefore help the surfer maximise his or her safety and the safety of others in the water but also maximise surf time, wave quality, wave usage and wave count, helping the surfer to surf better faster.

This is the reason why we have this as an integral part all our programs. We make this a core component of our development programs and go a lot more in depth than we do in our single lesson programs. This is why we have structured our Adult Specific Surfing Programs in a week by week format. Each week, there are specific surfing techniques that will be taught and focused on. These will develop and build on the previous weeks session  and increase skills and performances of our surfers. Similarly, the theory we go through, will complement the progressive surfing skills structure and will also develop in complexity and topic specificity.

Our professional, fully qualified instructors are passionate about teaching our participants to surf, sharing with our surfers their knowledge and expertise of the ocean and sport of surfing. Having an opportunity to be able to work in a progressive program with our surfers where each session builds on the work done in the session before is even more exciting for us as instructors. It allows us as professionals to not only teach a person to surf but really help new surfers develop and progress through the multi session programs. We are able to introduce them to and begin them on their surfing journey.

Come and share the journey with us – we would love you to join our Adults Specific Surfing Programs and share our amazing sport with you!


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