Adult Surfing Programs

 Adult surfing programs to enable continued development and improvement in a fun, safe and enjoyable environment.

Our Adult Surfing Programs are specifically designed to provide adults with a progressive weekly surfing program to enable continued development and improvement through more than just the basic learn to surf.

Adult Surfing Programs 

{Not all of our ASP Programs are always available for online booking. If you cannot find a date or program that suits, please contact us to register your interest if you are wanting to do one of these amazing Programs!}

Our Adult Surfing Programs have been designed and integrated into our Program offerings to provide adults with progressive, multi session programs. They have been specifically designed to offer adults the chance to do more than just the basic learn to surf lessons. Generally, the Programs are scheduled over a number of weeks. There may be some intensive programs though that we run where a program is run over a number of days . These may be a 3, 4 or 5 day period. This gives our surfers the chance to improve their knowledge, skills and techniques and therefore improve their performance. The consistency of regular weekly sessions (or daily sessions in our intensive programs), especially if coupled with extra surf time and practice outside of the lessons, will aid a much faster improvement and development.

The aim and focus is to have our surfers surfing much better, much faster with good strong technique and understanding of the surf! With a session each week for the duration of the program, each lesson of our Adult Surfing Programs builds on the previous lessons. This will enable our surfers to develop and improve their skills and knowledge. The progression allows a logical and natural skill development of surfing techniques.


Technique will be a major focus of the programs as this is the foundation for future development and progress. If correct technique is not learnt and surfers practice with mistakes, bad habits and poor movement this becomes part of the automatic action and can be extremely hard to change. Surfing performance and surfing potential can be severely limited and detrimentally affected for those that have poor technique.

Surf Awareness and Understanding the Ocean

As well as covering technical knowledge and surfing technique, our sessions will also include important basic surf and ocean awareness. This will help new surfers better understand and read the waves, conditions and the ocean. This is a major component vital for improving surfing performances!

General Information 

Our Instructors will be there to teach you the new techniques and lead the discussions on the surf awareness topics. They will be with you in the water to guide you and give you immediate, appropriate, specific feedback on what you need to do to improve your performance and offer tips and advice for following waves. Our Adults Surfing Programs are for those 16 years and older but specifically targeting those 20 and older. They are not open for children and younger teenagers. (We can waive this age restriction if a younger teenager is surfing in the program with his or her parent). During the lessons, surfers will be challenged with new, progressive techniques but also given the chance to use different size soft boards.

Basic Structure of the Beginner Level 1 Adult Surfing Program for a 5 Lesson Program

The Beginners Level 1 Adult Surfing Program will have a basic structure of { t = technique and s = surf awareness and knowledge)


  • t – Basic Techniques
  • s – Introduction to Surfing and equipment


  • t – Technique focused on a fast smooth single movement in take off. Riding the wave as far as possible
  • s – Basic dangers and hazard awareness


  • t – Introduction to changing direction, turning the board and traversing the waves
  • s – Types of waves and types of locations. Understanding suitable and appropriate conditions for continuing to surf and practice


  • t – Paddling onto and catching small green waves or more powerful broken waves
  • s – Positioning in the ocean and reading the conditions


  • t – Catching, turning and traversing green waves
  • s – Basic surf etiquette

This structure is of course dependant on suitable conditions. Sometimes, due to conditions, lesson plans and the structure of lessons may need to be adjusted to take into account prevailing conditions.

Hey Jamo,

Thanks to you and Dan again for the previous lessons {in the Adult Surfing Programs}. We have been down in Melbourne this weekend wake surfing and the skills we learnt with Walkin’ on Water transferred across amazingly. Looking forward to getting back up to Brisbane to get surfing again. 

We would both be super keen for the level 2 course.




Corporate Events Organiser, Bank of Queensland

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