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Walkin’ On Water Surf School – COVID Participant List

Thank you very much for your booking with us. We are super excited to have you surf with us in your upcoming lesson you have booked.

During the COVID-19 time, for us to be confident of operating safely, maximising everyone’s health and reducing the chance of virus spread, we have implemented a number of operational procedures and requirements for our Surf School instructors as well as our Surf School Participants. These measures have been implemented for us to meet the Government regulations and therefore allow us to be able to operate and provide surf lessons during the COVID period.

It is vital please that you read and follow the steps below prior to, on arrival and during your surf lesson with us. We very much thank you in advance and appreciate your cooperation.

Prior to the lesson please ensure that you have followed these steps.

In the period leading up to the start of your lesson

  • You have completed our online Participation Declaration form here
  • This MUST be completed online and prior to the lesson otherwise you will not be able to surf with us
  • We recommend you download and activate the Australian Government’s COVIDSafe app
  • If you are needing us to provide a wetsuit or rash shirt, please let us know prior to the day of your surf lesson that you would like one of ours and if possible let us know the size you need
  • If you would like to read about the COVID-19 measures we have in place to minimise risk and maximise safety as well as our temporary changes of protocols and lesson structures, please visit our page here

On the day of your lesson, prior to arrival, please

  • Please ensure that you
    • Have not had recent contact with any confirmed COVID-19 cases
    • Are not suffering any of the symptoms of COVID-19 including
      • Fever
      • Breathing difficulties and breathlessness
      • Cough
      • Sore throat
      • Fatigue or tiredness
    • If you are, please call to postpone your lesson to an alternate time
  • Apply sunscreen
  • Have organised for your belongings to be stored ideally in your own vehicle. We are happy to store a set of keys or small bag in the truck but will not be able to store large amounts of personal equipment

On arrival for the lesson

  • Please meet our instructor on the grass by our Surf School truck at Greenmount Beach at the specified time. All our lessons will be contact free so please excuse us that we will not be shaking hands, giving high fives, fist bumps or anything else in the way contact for greetings (or for praise and congratulations in the water)
  • Please be ready to go, wearing your clothing you are surfing in including your wetsuit or rash shirt, or if you have contacted us prior to the lesson, letting us know you need one of ours, we will have it ready for you
  • Have your smart phone ready to complete a separate Visitor Registration which collects basic information that we are required to collect and keep for a prescribed period (which at time of writing this information is 56 days). This information is required in case of an outbreak and for COVID case tracking. We are required by law to collect and keep this. If you are not able or willing to do this, unfortunately you will not be able to surf with us
  • Once this is completed, please lock all your belongings in your vehicle and place your keys or small bag in the container provided by the instructor
  • While waiting for the lesson to start, please ensure you maintain social distancing from others around

During the lesson

  • Please listen to and follow the instructors
  • Throughout the entire lesson, we need you to be conscious of and maintain a minimum 1.5m of social distancing between you, the instructor(s), other participants and others in the area
  • Have fun, get plenty of waves, ask lots of questions and enjoy the time and freedom of the ocean and surf, experiencing the thrills and excitement of surfing with us


Thank you again very much for your booking, for your understanding during this period and for your cooperation in following all the temporary measures and requirements that we have had to put in place to be able to operate.

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