Gold Coast Surf Foiling

Is Gold Coast Surf Foiling the best option for surfers?

Gold Coast Surf Foiling – the best alternative for surfers in small conditions

During those periods on the Gold Coast where swell is tiny, days are magic and the ocean is there but there is not much for surfers to do for play time in the waves, here lies an answer. On the Gold Coast Surf Foiling is sure to begin to come on to surfers radars.

While we have had options like kiting and SUP’ing arrive, grow and become sports that continue to increase in participants, there are still a number of stark differences that set on the Gold Coast surf foiling apart from these other sports.

Kiting, while definitely exciting and plenty of fun, has a lot of gear. There is a lot of set up, a lot of washing and a lot of pack up. For someone used to grabbing a board and jumping in the ocean, there is a lot more to deal with and a lot more time is required. It is not something you can just jump in the water for even a 10-15 minute paddle to get a few fast waves and be out, like we can when we go for a surf. Also, as a surfer, we love windless days for those clean glassy epic conditions or even a slight light off shore breeze. So to be doing a sport that wants lots of wind, really goes against the grain of our basic mindset.

SUP’ing while a lot closer, still has some differences. The boards are much bigger, even the smaller SUP surf boards a lot of the really good crew are using are still a lot bigger than a surfboard. SUP’ing is a heap of fun but also an amazing work out and training session needing a lot of skill when downwinding, doing longer paddle sessions on flat water or training for technical style racing going in and out of the break and out the back but it does not take the appeal of a large portion of surfers.

On the Gold Coast surf foiling is sure to bring a sport to the vast surfing population that is a viable option to going for a traditional surf and is super addictive.

The speed, the freedom, that phenomenal unique feeling of getting up on the foil and playing with waves and swell lines will surely make Gold Coast surf foiling a huge growth sport for surfers, as well as non surfers alike.

The first time the board lifts and gets on foil, is a completely new feeling. For those that have surfed all their lives and have forgotten the feeling of stoke and froth of that first wave when learning, this must be the feeling that learners and new surfers get. Then the first proper wave you catch is addictive and exhilarating, making the new foiler just wanting more and more.

On the Gold Coast surf foiling is only still fairly new. Throughout the world, it is still fairly new. While it has been around for a number of years, starting in the sport of kiting, for the general population, it is still a very new sport and one that a majority of people maybe haven’t even heard of yet, maybe only seen it once or twice on social media and probably never considered trying it out yet.

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