Great Surfing Christmas Presents

What are are some ideas for great surfing Christmas presents?

Struggling for ideas – here are some options for great surfing Christmas presents for a little inspiration!

It is that time of the year again when people are racking their brains for inspiration and ideas on what to give for Christmas. Here are some ideas for great surfing Christmas Presents which you still have plenty of time to arrange before Tuesday 25th December!

In no particular order here are some options for you

Surfing Gift Certificates

Of course, we would love people to give our amazing Surfing Gift Certificates. We have Group Lessons, Group Lesson Packages and Private Lesson Gift Certificates that can be purchased directly from our website here


A fantastic training tool and land based activity that will definitely help improve everyone’s surfing, no matter their level. These are amazing for fun but also vital for balance training, core stability, muscle activation and sport specific surf training for ankle strength, foot strength and balance strength – all essential parts of surfing better and improving surf performances. We are stoked to be able to offer WoW crew a 10% discount on all Original, Pro, Mini Pro and Rocker Packages. It is extremely rare for any discounts to be offered on IndoBoards but we have been lucky enough to secure a code – decwow – that is valid until Christmas day for the 10% discount. These are being packed and shipped daily in the lead up to Christmas. Hurry and get your order in now at the IndoBoard website here Use the coupon code – decwow – in the Shopping Cart at check out.

Surf Magazines – Surfing Life and White Horses

Surfers love a good read on surf, surfing, surf technique, surf hardware, surf travel and all other things surfing related. Two of the best magazines we have here in Australia are Australia’s Surfing Life and White Horses A subscription to either or both of these would give a surfer a heap of stoke!

nudie SurfGroms

For ideas for Groms, our nudie SurfGrom programs coming up after Christmas will be a huge buzz for them to get into and improve their surfing skills. Combining surfing and important surf skills, surf safety and surf awareness makes these excellent comprehensive programs the best way for groms to be introduced to our amazing sport!

Adults Surfing Programs

Like our SurfGrom programs are the best introduction to surfing for groms, our Adult Surfing Programs are the best introduction an adult could wish for if they are keen to start their surfing journey! These combine really important surf awareness, surf etiquette, surf safety and surf information with surfing skills and surf technique in a progressive comprehensive multi lesson program

SwellNet Pro Subscription

So important to all of us surfers is knowing the surf forecast, being able to see the surf reports and having access to all other surf weather and surf information that SwellNet provides. A subscription to SwellNet Pro is another great idea that is super useful. You can find a dedicated page to Gift Subscriptions here

Hurley Surf Wear

A new pair of boardies, a new tee or hoodie or any other surf wear is always a much appreciated addition to a surfers wardrobe and Hurley being the best surf gear that we recommend will definitely be a hit! You can order online at the Hurley website


If you think a new set of fins, deck pad, travel board bag, leash or other surf accessory, we believe you can’t go past Shapers! Local crew making the best accessories on offer throughout the world and they are just based in Currumbin in Traders Way for instore purchases or online at their website

Hope this helps any last minute present searching and gives you some ideas in the last minute brain freeze that happens as Christmas gets closer and closer.

From all of us here, we would like to wish everyone an amazing Christmas, New Year and holiday season and hope that the coming year in 2019 is a safe, sensational and successful year for all!

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