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Our Indian Surf School

Walkin’ On Water Mangalore has opened on Panambur Beach, Mangaluru on India’s West Coast. Come and join us at our Indian Surf School

We are super excited to have launched our Indian Surf School – Walkin’ On Water Mangalore. We are located at Panambur Beach on India’s West Coast in the state of Karnataka. We are just on the outskirts of Mangaluru’s city centre.

We have a full surf school offering Group and Private Learn to Surf Lessons and other programs.

Just like our Gold Coast Surf School, our operation is run to international best standards. We have fully qualified Surfing Australia and ISA Surf Instructors, all our learn to surf boards are high quality soft boards and things are done pretty similar as to how we do them on the Gold Coast.

We also have, as part of our operation and again like our Gold Coast Surf School, a very community minded and social conscious approach. We are running free surfing programs to the local groms from the fishing village next to our surf school base. We are working with them to help provide not only a new sport and new pursuit for them but also want to be able to hopefully provide for better futures and better prospects for their lives by giving them opportunities they would not otherwise be exposed to.

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India is so full of diversity and a complete sensual overload. There is chaos, there is noise, there are smells and sights and everything is happening at once and it is definitely a must to put on your travel list. There is also amazing beauty, serenity and calmness in dispersed with the mayhem. 

Come and visit us for a surf experience in our Indian Surf School on Panambur Beach. Our beach has its resident bull and cows, you can take a ride on horses, camels, jetskis and power boats, you can eat and drink Indian local delicacies and of course surf with us. 

We also have our Charity Program for our local kids – WoW Jokul. If you would like to support us in this, please click here <iframe width=”100%” height=”415″ src=”https://chuffed.org/iframe/25740” frameborder=”0″ style=”max-width:310px;border:0px solid #fff;” allowfullscreen></iframe> You can also see our website for our WoW Jokul here

Hey Jamo, James is still LOVING his surfing so would be super keen to continue on with round 4! Although he isn’t a natural, he is really having fun. As I always say, Dan is THE best too. Love your programme AND company. Thanks! Kind regards Amanda


Mum of one of our GromSquad surfers

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