Land Training for Surfing

Can Land Training for Surfing help surfers?

Land Training for Surfing can help surfers improve and progress

How can Land Training for Surfing help us?

Unfortunately not all of us are able to get out into the surf as often as we want to and sometimes when we are able to, the ocean is not cooperating with conducive conditions allowing us to surf. it is important that we therefore have some ways of training so that when we do get out into the waves, we can take full advantage of the surf and continue to improve and progress and of course enjoy the surf! Land Training for Surfing is one important way for us to do this.

It is important for all levels of surfer, from the novice through intermediate and all the way through to the elite advanced athletes. Training on land can have a huge positive impact on our performance.

For the novice surfers, practicing the jump up and correct technique is a huge advantage and benefit so you can lock in the correct muscle movements and muscle memory patterns. The more you do it, the more it becomes second nature and automatic. Of course, it has to be done correctly to have benefits. Practicing wrong technique will have the opposite effect and be very detrimental. There is the saying ‘ Practice makes perfect’, we like to say ‘Perfect Practice makes Perfect’!

For all surfers though a good fitness regime and strength regime will also see great benefits. Looking at the elite surfers of the world surfing on the WTC and the change that has happened in recent years, led initially in the beginning by Kelly Slater and then followed stringently by many others like Mick Fanning, Joel Parko, Bede Durbidge and now if an athlete doesn’t have this land training and strength/fitness training off the water, they will be left behind. Gone are the days when just surfing a heap sufficed!

Increasing strength and power, improving cardio vascular fitness and improving balance skills will also have a positive affect on your performances in the water.

One of the training aids we especially recommend are IndoBoards. These are an amazing way to integrate balance training into general training. As so much of surfing fundamentals hinges on remaining balanced on a board, it is vital that surfers work on their balance training. IndoBoards are excellent for this. Balance is often a forgotten skill to be trained and while everyone will have different base levels of balance skills, it is a very trainable skill for all surfers, no matter the base individual level. 

IndoBoards allows functional balance training just by standing on the board and balancing. It can also be used and integrated into comprehensive strength training programs where surfers stand on the board wile performing exercises – with or without weights. An athlete will find they will have to lower the weight they would otherwise be lifting when performing the same exercise on the stable floor but, wile the load is lighter, more muscles will be activated and a greater all round training affect will result.

The IndoBoards come with a Roller as standard, a cylindrical roller that the athlete balances the board on giving the lateral instability. The additional option, and one that we strongly recommend is also bought and used, are the FLO Cushions either the standard or Gigante, depending on the IndoBoard being used. The Cushions give 360 degrees of instability and even with no weight, in the beginning athletes should find a great activation of so many stabilising muscles just to keep the board will and stop it from touching the ground. 

Also, they are super fun to play around on and can be used for may tricks like ollies, shuv its, finger flips, rotational jumps – all whcih can aid in a surfers repertoire of progressive surfing moves!

These are definitely something to seriously consider if you are wanting to improve your surfing, overall strength and fitness and increase your balance skills. For more information on these and to have a look at the many options available, go to the IndoBoards Australia website at 

Another great piece of training equipment are the Swiss Balls or Balance Balls. We will discuss these in a further Blog Post.

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