Never Surf Beyond Your Ability
Surf Etiquette – Always Surf Within Your Ability – Surf Rule

Always Surf within your Ability

As a surfer, you must always surf within your ability. No matter your ability, whether a novice or experienced advanced surfer, all surfers also must always surf within their ability.

Surfers must choose locations, breaks and conditions that suit their ability level and match their competence and physical conditioning.

Variables that surfers should take into consideration when they are looking at a location before surfing it include – but are definitely not limited to just these –

  • Realistic personal surfing ability
  • Physical condition
  • Wave size
  • Type of wave
  • Wave power
  • Crowd and number of surfers in the water
  • Currents
  • Entry and exit points into and out of the surf
  • Your equipment

The best way to learn about what is suitable for you is to talk with your instructor about it during or after your lessons so that you know where is good for you to go and continue practicing and what conditions are suitable for you.

Ensuring that you are surfing and practicing in the appropriate location with appropriate conditions and it is suitable for your ability will ensure that you continue to progress and development your surfing skills as well as your surfing confidence, surfing knowledge and understanding of the sport. It will allow you to correctly practice the techniques you have learnt in lessons. Remember Perfect Practice Makes Perfect.

If you surf and practice in an unsuitable location or with inappropriate waves or too crowded a location or using equipment that is not suitable or anything else that’s makes the session not right for you can potentially hinder your progress, development and improvement but also it can be a safety concern to yourself and other surfers.

Surf Etiquette Rule # 6 – Always Surf Within Your Ability

* This diagram is taken from the ISA Level 1 Surf Instructor Manual

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