Surfing Lessons

Are Surfing Lessons a good idea?

Surfing lessons

Surfing Lessons are an integral part of learning initially and then progressing and developing surfing skills

Are Surfing Lessons necessary or are they a waste of money?

Surfing Lessons are such a vital component of a strong, successful and smooth progression through the stages of surfing. We believe that they are an excellent investment if someone wants to enjoy our sport, love surfing, be taught the correct way from the beginning and have a fast, smooth, enjoyable, efficient and effective development and improvement through the all the stages of surfing

So often we are asked whether someone should have lessons and how many surfing lessons they should have. It is always a really hard question to answer.

Absolutely, Surfing Lessons are a great idea. We regularly watch people who try to teach themselves or have their surfing friends try to teach them. While they might be catching waves eventually, it takes a whole lot longer and sadly, often without being taught the correct techniques, poor technique and bad habits are endemic in their surfing. Many times we have seen, especially at the beginning of summers, people try to teach themselves or be taught by their friends and months later they are still battling to get it right or often, they have given up. Our surfers can often be surpassing them after a single lesson where those not having had a lesson have taken weeks to get to the same stage.

Once bad habits or poor technique are part of a surfers style, it can be really hard to change, especially when this has been repeatedly practiced over a long period of time. A bad habit or poor technique can and will limit the potential level that a surfer can reach in their surfing.

Benefits of Surfing Lessons

The reasons why we believe Surfing Lessons are so important and why we strongly recommend people do surfing lessons with us at Walkin’ On Water Surf School or another highly reputable licensed professional surf school include

  • Correct technique is taught from the very beginning
  • Progression and development will be faster
  • Surfers will be taught properly, taken through appropriate progressions and supported with appropriate specific feedback to ensure technique is correct
  • Surfers will be supported with confidence and self esteem boosting feedback to maximise enjoyment but also development
  • Surf safety and basic surf awareness skills are also incorporated into all of our lessons
  • Surfing lessons are an efficient way to learn and get better with professional advice and professional support
  • Surfers will learn using boards appropriate to their level
  • As a surfers skills improve, new skills and different boards and equipment can be introduced too, to challenge and improve a surfers level

While friends who surf can try their best and have all good intentions to teach a new surfer the basics, without professional training and working as a professional instructor, often they do not have the correct understanding of technique, skills and progressions, don’t understand the correct appropriate feedback and don’t have the trained eye to look for specific body positions and mistakes that can easily be fixed with a simple piece of advice.

How many Surfing Lessons are needed?

Very simply, the more lessons someone takes, the more they will learn. However it is extremely important that someone who wants to learn, improve and get better surfs as much as they can on their own as well. They need to get out and surf and practice their techniques without the instructor there all the time as well. This is a must! A good idea that we recommend is to start at the very beginning with a few, say three to five lessons (but depending on how quickly someone has picked it up as everyone moves ahead at a different pace but most people will stand up and ride waves in their first lesson with us, often their very first wave!). With our comprehensive lesson plan and lesson structure, we give our surfers the knowledge they need to continue catching waves by themselves.

As the surfer progresses, we recommend coming back for lessons when they feel like they have hit a plateau or cannot break through.

We provide lessons and teach skills for all levels of surfer from the very beginner to the contest, competitive athlete. Surfing Lessons and Surf Coaching, are an excellent way for surfers to continue to learn and improve to reach their full potential as a surfer. 

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Hi there

My children and I had a lesson with Dan last Sunday!  We all got up and my kids were so proud of me!  I’m looking into continuing this wonderful sport!  Thank you so much to Dan for the great introduction.

Kind regards


Surfing Lesson Participant

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