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Indian Media Articles – Article 3

After you have mastered the early Basics of Surfing – Part 1. Once you have done your first lesson or couple of lessons and you have mastered the basic movements and techniques, you will then be ready to begin to learn and progress to new skills to practice and work...

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Indian Media Articles – Article 2

The New Sport Soon to Boom in India Come and Learn to Surf - Surfing Mangalore Wanting more excitement and to get into a fantastic new sport? Come and Learn to Surf - Surfing Mangalore Surfing is a fantastic sport for health, for exercise and for great fun in a...

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Indian Media Articles – Article 1

The New Sport Soon to Boom in India Surfing in India, Indian Surf Schools and Walkin On Water Mangalore Surfing, while only young and fairly new in India, is a huge sport throughout the world and continues to grow and boom. It is an adrenalin charged sport where a...

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Josh’s Birthday Party

Click here for the full album of Photos It was a fantastic afternoon of surfing this afternoon with Josh and his 7 mates for his Surfing Birthday Party. The waves were excellent, the water was warm and there were plenty of excellent rides, lots of laughs and super fun...

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Taking Water Sports to a New Level

Taking Water Sports to a New Level Water sports are one of the most exciting ways to spend time in the water. They challenge our balance, strength and stamina while also being a fun way to pass the time. Not to let things settle there, here are some pioneers who have...

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Our Mangalore Surf School OPENS

Our Mangalore Surf School is Panambur's only professional Surf School Learn to Surf at Panambur Beach, Mangaluru We have opened our Indian Mangalore Surf School called Walkin' On Water Mangalore. Our base is at Panambur Beach which is on India's West Coast in the...

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Christmas comes early for The Smith Family Children

We are super stoked and very excited that we can use surfing for social benefits and social help. We love that we can host surfing days for people that otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity to do it. For us surfing is so much more than a sport. We are so...

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Olympics and Surfing as an Olympic Sport

The Olympics and Surfing as an Olympic Sport The IOC Vote to include Surfing in the Tokyo Olympics means a lot more than athletes surfing in the Olympic Competition. The flow on ramifications for our sport are huge. For a number of countries, especially where surfing...

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Surf Etiquette – Always Surfing Within Your Ability

Always Surf within your Ability As a novice surfer, you must always surf within your ability. No matter your ability, all surfers also must always surf within their ability. Surfers must choose locations, breaks and conditions that suit their ability level and match...

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