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Cruise Sale Finder is Australia’s go-to place to find incredible deals on cruise holidays. Finding your next adventure at sea is easy - discover amazing voyages that will whisk you away to exotic destinations or show you a side to familiar places that you’ve never...

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Coaching Athletes

The Art of Coaching Athletes Coaching Athletes is an art and far more than just teaching technique! Coaching athletes should be far more than just helping them improve their technique or performance. To ensure the best for your athlete, and also for yourself as their...

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Great Surfing Christmas Presents

What are are some ideas for great surfing Christmas presents? Struggling for ideas - here are some options for great surfing Christmas presents for a little inspiration! It is that time of the year again when people are racking their brains for inspiration and ideas...

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Gold Coast Surf Foiling

Is Gold Coast Surf Foiling the best option for surfers? Gold Coast Surf Foiling - the best alternative for surfers in small conditions During those periods on the Gold Coast where swell is tiny, days are magic and the ocean is there but there is not much for surfers...

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What is the best way to start surfing?

Here we look at the common question - what is the best way to start surfing? When people start surfing, one of the most common questions is - "What is the best way to start surfing?" For people who have decided that they want to get into surfing, one of the most...

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Adult Specific Surfing Programs

We are launching our new Adult Specific Surfing Programs to help adults new to the sport learn, improve and develop Become a Surfer in our new Adult Specific Surfing Programs We have designed a new adult specific surfing program aimed at introducing and developing...

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Surfing and the Environment

The connection between Surfing and the Environment With the ocean as our playground, surfing and the environment are intrinsically connected. Surfing and the environment has an intrinsic relationship. As surfers, our playground and where we do our sport is in the...

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Surf Reports and Swell Forecasts

Information for new surfers for basic Surf Reports and Swell Forecasts The Important Variables for Basic Surf Reports and Swell Forecasts - What to know and how to use it There is a lot to factor in when professionals are putting together their Surf Reports and Swell...

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