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New Season Weet-Bix SurfGroms has Launched

The new Weet-Bix SurfGroms Season for 2016/17 has just launched. We are super excited to again be involved in this amazing Junior Grass Roots Surfing Program for children aged 5-12 years old. We have plenty of programs already locked in for the coming months and will...

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Surf Etiquette – Never Throw Your Board

Never Throw Your Board For each surfer’s own safety and the safety of the other surfers, it is vital that everyone always holds onto and controls their own board at all times. When paddling through the impact zone and wave area, surfers must hold onto their board. If...

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Surfing Olympic Sport – How will it be integrated

SURFING OLYMPIC SPORT - How will our sport of Surfing now be included practically into the Olympic Games Here are some specifics about how it will work: The event will take place in the ocean, not a wave pool. Venue will be at Chiba, a 45-minute or so train ride from...

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Olympics and the inclusion of Surfing into the Program

Surfing has finally, officially, been included into the Olympics and become an Olympic sport. The IOC voted to add surfing to the sporting line up of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Together with 4 other new sports, Surfing will join the sports to be contested for medals...

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Surf Etiquette – Paddle Wide

Paddle Wide We have discussed the paddle line in Rule #2 – If Caught Inside, Stay Inside. Rule # 4 discusses the paddle line that a surfer should take when they are paddling back to the line up but paddling where the waves have not broken. As we talked about the...

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Surf Etiquette – Stay Inside

Stay Inside When paddling out, you need to be aware of surfers catching and riding waves. As quickly as you can, you need to clear the impact zone, the area where the waves are breaking, and move from this area where surfers will be riding through on waves so you do...

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Surf Etiquette – Don’t Drop In

Drop In Rule When surfing, you have to be aware of who else is paddling for and perhaps even riding a wave and understand the drop in rule. If you are paddling for a wave and there is someone on what is known as your ‘inside’, then you must leave that wave for that...

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Surf Etiquette

Surf Etiquette Surfing Rules By understanding and following the basic Surf Etiquette Surfing Rules, the line up will be far more enjoyable and a much safer place for all surfers in the water, no matter their ability. They are based on common sense and respect. It is...

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