Weekend Surf Camps


Weekend Surf Camps

Come and experience the thrill and excitement of surfing in our Gold Coast Weekend Surf Camps. We offer this to adults on the Gold Coast who want an exciting weekend throughout the year.

Always fun times in our Coolangatta Surf Lessons and Weekend Surf Camps

Always fun times in our Coolangatta Weekend Surf Camps & Surf Lessons

Our Weekend Surf Camps are specifically aimed at University and Language School Students.

If you already have somewhere to stay or live nearby, you can just have the surfing package but we also can offer an accommodation too. Together with the Cooly YHA, we can add on an accommodation package for a full Gold Coast Weekend Surf Camp which includes accommodation, surfing lessons and can include meals. The Coolangatta YHA is conveniently located across the road from the Gold Coast Public Transport route. There are other accommodation options that we can also assist with if this is preferred.

Our Gold Coast Weekend Surf Camps (which can also be tailored to suit individual university or school needs and are not just for weekends, but can be organised for any period) include comprehensive Learn to Surf Lessons and a progressive structured program to having you riding wave after wave after your weekend of surfing!

Our Standard Weekend Surf Camp includes three lessons with each lesson plan and aim of each lesson designed to have you progressing each time you hit the water.

Our surf lessons are structured to ensure that everyone learns a lot and at the same time, has a fantastic experience in a safe and non threatening environment. As participants practice, our fully qualified professional instructors provide feedback on performance to assist progress and then give surfers progressions so they keep improving and challenging themselves.

Participants are given the freedom to practice catching their own waves or can have our Instructors push them on each wave they get. With a perfect learn to surf location where conditions are generally excellent for us, learning is simple and heaps of fun and couple with our structured comprehensive lesson plans, you will be up and catching waves before you know it! We can include either one or two lessons per day for our surfers and arrange meals as part of the package. We can package as much or as little into it as you would like. Our Instructors are with the groups, in the water helping and assisting for the entire duration of the lessons to maximise progress and understanding.

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Walkin on Water offer a huge variety of learn to surf products. Find the perfect learn to surf lesson or program!

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