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Our WoW Afternoon Groms Surfing Program for local groms

Our WoW Afternoon Groms Surfing Program – GromSquad – is designed specifically for local groms

Grom Squads, our WoW Afternoon Groms Surfing Program, has been designed specifically for local groms.

We offer this groms surfing program as a very cost effective weekly afternoon program to enable our local groms to have a pathway to continue their surfing in a supervised environment with our fully qualified, professional surf instructors.

While not formally structured like our Group Lessons, Private Lessons and our SurfGrom Programs, our instructors are there to give feedback, build groms confidence and improve their surfing and technique in more of a free surfing/coaching style environment.

We have various levels depending on the stage of surfing of the groms and the aim of the program is to ensure our local groms have access to professional coaching to get better, surf better, surf more in a supervised environment, continue to learn and understand about surfing, the ocean and waves in an affordable program.

We do have minimum levels of surfing required as these are not a replacement for at least a couple of normal lessons as we do not teach structured surf lessons in this program but work on improving techniques learnt previously and build on these to get better faster.

Our Groms Surfing Program works on a 5 week round. There are flexible options of surfing one off sessions, surfing once a week or surfing twice a week. 

In Term 2 2018, we are going back to our original more structure format rather than just having everyone surfing on a Monday as we have had a great influx of new surfers. 

Our Head Instructor Dan has grouped the crew into different groups so while we can still have a combined session on Monday, we can have specific separate days for the different groups. We really would love to see all our groms really fast track their improvement and progress so by adding another session and focusing on each group on separate afternoons we should see some great improvements. We would be super stoked to see a huge increase in skills, confidence and all our surfers becoming much better in all our GromSquad crew. The more groms surf, the faster and better they will become, especially under the watchful eye of our instructors so that they are working on and progressing with correct technique and not falling into bad habits.

For more information on our afternoon groms surfing prorgams, please contact us. We would love to have new groms joining our programs and improving in an amazing healthy sport!


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